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Contractors/Janitorial – Brooklyn, NY

Pupkin Insurance Agency 

We offer insurance including builder's risk to all types of contractors and contracting services. These include:plumbers, electricians, construction workers and many others in the industry.

Insurance services are also provided to those in the Janitorial Services industry.

Insuring yourself is the best way to free yourself from worries with regard to the protection and survival of your business and employees.

Contractors/Janitorial Insurance

When you insure with us, you can be certain you will be benefiting from  industry-compliant insurance coverage, and can rest at peace knowing that Pupkin Insurance agency will always be there in your time of need.

In the unfortunate event you should ever need to file a claim, we will guide you through the claim filing process in a transparent and efficient manner.

Secure your business, property and family against financial ruin.